People like me always wonder why on earth most gamblers don’t give video poker game the attention that it deserves. Video poker games are not any less engaging and amazing but strangely for some unknown reasons most gamblers give this game a miss most of the time. To change the situation, here we are going to give you some reasons why you should be playing video poker next time around–
Great Payout
Don’t confuse video poker with any other popular casino game as you simply can’t compare them. They are way too different. Say for example, moving from one credit to five credits will be an incredible experience if you are playing video poker. With one coin you stand the chance of winning 250 credits whereas if you bet 5 coins, you could win an incredible 5000 credits.

Learning is Fun and Free

The coolest thing about video poker is that you can play for hours to get the hang on the game before going out and compete with others. This is not like trial version rather you can play full game forever till you feel confident enough to get involved in real life gambling. No need to waste your money on learning a new game while competing with pro players.

The Odds are On Your Favor

99.54 of your wagers can be won easily by following this simple rule – always stick to the optimal strategy and also try to maximize the bets as far as possible. Now, do a simple math. It means that the house only enjoys an edge of 0.46 percent which is certainly impressive given the fact that in case of other casino games, the house edge stands really high.

The rules are very Easy

Yeah the rules of most video poker games are very easy. If you know how to play any other poker game, you know it all well how to play a video poker game. Moreover internet is strewn with innumerable tutorials on how to play video poker and therefore, if you feel a bit confused, you can check out any of those tutorials to get the hang on them.

Different Versions to Play

Video poker games are available in different versions and that means that you are going to have loads of fun if you choose to play video poker. Officially, there are 9 different versions to play and that means, we are going to have loads of pure fun and excitement.

It is COMFORTABLE & Convenient

The best thing about video poker is that it is very easy to play and you would not have to leave the comfort of your home to be able to enjoy the thrill of the game. With Video Poker is just between you and the table. No distraction at all.

Author Bio
This article is contributed by Sally who loves gambling a lot and she is also a member of leading casino gambling forum.